About Us

Hi, we are Jim & Rob,

In 2016, we both quit our jobs in London to embark on a global adventure that we have been planning for two years. On exactly the 12th August 2016 we took a one way flight to Calgary, Canada.

Jim, is an IT geek with a love for photography – taking thousands of photos of our trips. Rob is an avid linguist, able to converse in eight languages and aims to expand this whilst travelling. One thing we have in common is a passion for travel, exploring new places and we both enjoy hiking and seeing natural wonders.

The plan was to explore the Americas, Asia and Europe. We have worked our way down the west coast of Canada, US, Central America, Southern Europe and South East Asia.

Our travels came to an end in March 2018, we are now back home in London. During our time away, we covered more than 21 countries! All the memories, people, food and useful tips and information are captured here on our blog and photo galleries for all to read.